Liquidation Process

So what does the liquidation process entail? So, when we look at the procedure there are 4 variables that would influence, if the liquidation process will be simple or more complicated and may take longer than expected.

  • 1

    Number of Directors

    This in itself explains that the more directors a company has, the longer the process will take.

  • 2

    Amount of Debt:

    The amount of debt will also be a variable in regards to the procedure and timeline associated with the liquidation. The more the debt of the company, the longer it will take to complete the liquidation.

  • 3

    Types of Accounts:

    What type of accounts the various directors and company also have, will definitely play a major role in the liquidation process. The more accounts that will be applicable, the more complex the process will be.

  • 4

    Total Assets:

    The total assets of the company will also be a variable in the process and will influence the complexity of the liquidation process.